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Three positive leadership solutions for thriving through challenging times:

How to lead through complex change

Leading people through complex change requires different skills and behaviours in your leaders to help them connect with their team in new ways.

New ways to lead through complexity

How to rebuild engagement & momentum

Rebuilding team engagement and momentum in your organisation following crisis requires new leadership practices.

Build engagement through change

How to design new meaningful strategy

How to design and communicate new meaningful strategy that brings clarity, and forges hope and energy for the future of work.

How to design new meaningful strategy

All of these are human problems, and they require different ways of thinking about leadership and strategy.

Mentoring and coaching


We run mentoring and coaching for executive leaders in Human-Centred Leadership, and also in Leading HCD.

Human Centred Leadership Coaching underpins truly great, transformative change, and we've applied this in organisations like SunCorp and ING Global.

  • Support leaders and teams to work in more complex, changing, ambiguous contexts.
  • Upskill leaders to provide better connections between role and purpose.
  • Help leaders focus on the well-being of their people to increase staff engagement.

Deep Leadership


Deep Leadership is Dr Melis Senova's exclusive, neuroscience-backed program for developing the most senior executives.

Like a bespoke MBA on leadership of self, this challenging seven-month program has supported C-Level executives to help them transform to the next level.

  • Human performance, flow states, peak performance.
  • Human centred design of complex scenarios (organisations, strategy, services, culture).
  • Human centred leadership of diverse, multi-disciplinary, distributed teams.

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Our programs focus on supporting people through changing complex environments, building new competency to help them feel successful within this new context, and supporting leaders in creating opportunity for people to perform and excel at their work.

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