Build engagement through change


How to re-build engagement and momentum in your team and invigorate your organisation


Re-build engagement in your team

Is your team disengaged from work after periods of change and uncertainty, and they're struggling to get back to peak performance?


Re-invigorate your people & organisation

Is your organisation lacking momentum as you struggle to deal with the changing face of business and new ways of working?


Re-establish connection and relationships

Are you finding a lack of connection is making co-worker relationships, onboarding and getting work done more difficult?

The challenge is one of human connection through changing times

Times where people's perception of meaningful work is changing, where a sense of team is lost through remote working, where people are burnt out from striving day after day through struggling times.

When we look at this problem from a human perspective we see an opportunity to make a difference to levels engagement, to levels of connection, to feelings of hope.


And the key to changing this is understanding why it happens

1. Changing context increases disconnection.

The changing context through change is putting enormous pressure on people as individuals. This means that it's harder for people to see their role in their overall success of the organisation. And without a clear connection to purpose, individual motivation suffers.

2. New ways of working creates incompetency.

In any new context, people feel less competent than six months ago. The way they perform their job, the way they achieved success, the way they got things done has completely changed. Sometimes this creates the feeling of incompetence which is incredibly demotivating.

3. Loss of hope erodes feelings of opportunity.

Change can erode some people's optimism and feelings of hope for the future. This feeling of loss of opportunity is another factor that affects motivation and performance at work, and as a result people disengage from work where the opportunity to perform and progress is reduced.

All of these manifest in disengaged and unmotivated people—general morale can decrease affecting the ability to collaborate.

But there is hope to rebuild.

We need to support leaders in supporting people to reengage, rebuild and reinvigorate.


Help leaders focus on the well-being of their people to increase staff engagement.


Adapt ways of working and leading that embrace the new normal of distributed working.


Help teams return to working in office environments by designing new cultural norms.


Upskill leaders to provide better connections between role and purpose.


Support leaders and teams to work in more complex, changing, ambiguous contexts.


Learn new remote and distributed collaborate techniques to improve performance.

Our coaching program can help

Our program to rebuild engagement and momentum focuses on supporting people through changing complex environments, building new competency to help them feel successful within this new context, and supporting leaders in creating opportunity for people to perform and reengage back into their work.

"This is a program that supports leaders reinvigorate the levels of engagement they need to rebuild their businesses, regain momentum, and forge a new future for their organisation."

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