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Long lasting, impactful transformation needs to be holistic and human-centred in its design.

We believe that the best strategies live in people, and this means that we are connecting them with the strategy and their role in the strategy, as well as enabling them to make future decisions in line with the strategic intention.

This enabling approach takes time, as we need to involve the right people through the course of the project to build and re-enforce that connection, and to develop the decision making capability that is inline with the strategy.

This type of approach allows for the best level of future flexibility and creates a resilient strategy—one that is adaptable to changing circumstances. This kind of strategy has some solid foundations (things that are well known) with and focus to ensure that there is action linked to delivering outcomes. But it is also flexible and adaptable because it is based on the clarity of a clear intention and set of decision principles, and that people are connected with these.

Risk: Digitally enabled transformation is still technology-led change.


The risk of technology led transformation is that we end up with digital versions of existing process that don’t work, or new technology that does what we don’t need.

Because the technology component is so tangible and expensive with long lead times, organisations often unconsciously design their teams and their organisations around the technology.

We see teams left scrambling in the wake of a large technology vendor’s new project, requiring people to re-align processes, organisational structures and ways of working so that said technology can be used.

That's why digitally enabled transformation can still be technology-led transformation.

For digital strategy to be truly transformative, it’s got to be about fundamentally changing what and how people get things done.


For any kind of transformation to be impactful, it cannot be led by technology. Any organisation can use the same technology, so it is not the technology itself that is transformative. Technology is the enabler of your vision.

True transformation must be led by a vision of where you want to be—combined with a team of people deliberately designed to work together in order to get there.

Lesson 1: True transformation is actually about human transformation—changing the way people work together to deliver value.

We also need to design the way transformation will occur—design the ways of working, collaborating, co-designing—in-line with the vision of the transformation outcome.

Human-centred transformation is different in two ways.

The first difference is understanding that we are not transforming technology, we are transforming the way people deliver outcomes (transforming the way they work and the work they do). This mindset underpins the vision of true transformation.

Human-centred transformation does not mean that everything that everyone does will be done using HCD. Rather, the initial set up is human-centred and sets the starting conditions, the initial frame of reference for our ways of working, which helps align everything that follows as well as giving the teams involved the autonomy to work the way that is best for them.

Lesson 2: Be human-centred in the design of the vision of transformation.

The second difference is that in order to transform the way people work (and be digitally enabled) we need to design a different approach and way of co-designing and co-delivering the transformation.

Lesson 3: Be human-centred in the design of the team who will be delivering the vision and how they will work.

We’ve been doing this for over a decade.

Human-Centred Transformation is actually not new. We've been working this way since 2009, focused on a way of transforming that focuses on vision, outcomes, collaboration and action. Here are a few examples:


Huddle worked with the Victorian Government to help define and create a framework for creating a positive digital experience for customers of the Victorian Government.


Huddle was engaged by ING Global to design the global digital infrastructure transformation to ensure ING remained competitive into the future.


Huddle was engaged to assist Service NSW in creating and communicating the 2016–2019 Strategy using an approach of internal engagement and co-design.


Huddle was engaged to support Australia Post in designing a transformational experience strategy that would enable their employees to have a good workplace experience.

Our experience in transformation and strategic design supports you and your team through complex change.

Working cross-functionally with multi-skilled teams

Huddle has extensive experience in working with multi-skilled teams having collaborated with clients on project with client team members from technical, business and customer service parts of the organisations. Huddle has always recruited people with diverse backgrounds because the different perspectives have always brought value to our work. Cam Incoll is assigned to this project because his experience is different to the other team members, with an executive and delivery background in technology, business and strategic design.

Approach to iterative, flexible and adaptable ways to work

Huddle's preference is to work in an emergent way. This means we are best prepared to deal with complexity, and adapt and adjust our approach to details and insights that emerge through the course of the project. We do this by remaining outcome focused, and flexible in our approach to deliver upon those outcomes. We make these adjustments in consultation with our clients and the project team members.

Experienced in working with a variety of stakeholders at all levels, engagement and relationship building

Huddle has worked and all levels of all sizes of organisations from small community organisations, to large global enterprises, with service delivery teams through to CEO leadership teams. Our preference is to work with people rather than for people, and so building relationships and trust is an integral part of our delivery approach. For complex programs such as this the relationships and management of communication with stakeholders will be a critical component that will need to be done with and in support of the Beyond Blue team.

Experience in working with complex sectors and environments

Some of Huddle's unique experience is in working in large complex systems sectors and environments, such as the Children's Court of Victoria. These large complex systems have an almost incomprehensible level of complexity and interdependency. We deal with this complexity not by abstracting or assuming it away, but rather by embracing and understanding the human element of the systems and the relationships present in the systems. They working at the human level, we are able to understand the underlying motivations and drivers of human behaviour, and better influence beneficial changes in the systems.

We believe we are here to create long lasting impact. We believe:

Our job is to create enduring change

Our intention is to provide you with long-lasting strategies and solutions, and to equip you with the knowledge, capabilities and culture enabling enduring change to live on inside your organisation.

Change comes from creative tension

Shifting anything requires tension, like using a rubber band to pull a brick across a table. Like moving the brick, real change requires new thinking and creative tension to overcome the organisational friction.

Value has many forms

In any ecosystem, value is created and exchanged in many different ways. Our systemic understanding of value helps us identify ways to generate more total value for all of the parts.

Mindset and stance drive success

We believe that what’s important in creating impact is your mindset, the way you think, the language you use, what you stand for, what you focus on and how you bring your strategy to life.

The best strategy lives in people

Strategy must be a living thing and be alive in the hearts and minds of your people. Anything becomes possible when you are informed by human insight, connected with deliberate intention and focused on outcomes.


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