Human-Centred Leadership
Human-Centred Leadership

Human-Centred Leadership

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Human-centred leadership

Facilitating new leadership practices for a customer-centric organisation to thrive in the 21st century.


  • Leaders embodied customer-centricity on a personal level in order to lead the way in customer-centred behaviour and decision making.
  • A series of one-on-one facilitated sessions were delivered focusing on soft skills to enhance the customer experience.
  • An ongoing reflective practice was established with a shared language among leaders so customer-centricity could thrive in the organisation.
TOOLS USED As we were working with leaders, the sessions and content needed to be short, sharp and focused. We used comprehensive reading lists and tailored activities on topics such as: Listening channels, Empathy, Constructive habits, Experimentation, Understanding complexity and remaining flexible.


Leaders are busy people with many layers of responsibility. Although they have visibility over their organisations, the nature of their roles often takes them away from the day-to-day realities of dealing with customers, whether internally or externally. For this reason, it can be challenging for them to truly embrace customer-centricity as a way of working.

This was the challenge Suncorp presented us. The organisation wanted its leaders to understand how customer-centricity resonates with them personally so they could lead the way in customer-centred behaviour and decision making. By making this practice relevant in their own context, leaders would be primed to adopt, entertain and experiment with the new mindsets required to become truly customer-centred.



We created a bespoke program that was a series of one-on-one facilitated sessions. We helped each leader establish their own reflective practice to reconnect with their own personal journey. The reflection aimed at supporting the leaders in defining what they can do differently in order to shift towards a more customer-centric way of working.


The program challenged the team to question their established practices and assess their personal effectiveness in leading a customer-centric culture. It also created a shared language of customer-centricity among leaders and how it relates directly to them as an individual, their role and accountability to the business.

By the end of the program, the participants were practiced in different ways of working required to create a culture which is truly in service of the customer. The final outcome for the business saw an aligned team of leaders who understood how their behaviour impacted their customers. This has been a catalyst for creating a differentiated customer experience for Suncorp.