Designing a People Experience Framework
Designing a People Experience Framework

Designing a People Experience Framework

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Designing a People Experience Framework to promote a thriving workplace with Australia Post.

“I would like to believe that we live by the motto ‘Happy staff equals happy customers’.” —Australia Post employee


How do you engage a staff cohort with over 30,000 people?

This was the question posed to us by Australia Post. They wanted to understand what conditions were necessary to promote a thriving workforce.

No small feat considering the diversity of roles and responsibilities within the organisation. Plus it is one of Australia’s best known brands, so expectations were high. We needed an elegant and replicable solution.

Our approach

Based on extensive research across the whole business, we developed the Australia Post People Experiences Framework (the Framework). The Framework gives the organisation a practical and actionable way for thinking, doing, and being in order to create the kinds of experiences their employees said they want and need. It’s an insight-driven way of working and designing better experiences for their people. The Framework holistically provides specific tools and actions across three levels:


New ways to understand experiences at different levels across Australia Post’s diverse organisation.


New tools to help people apply the new ways of thinking and co-create experiences to ensure they are a success.


New mindsets to help Australia Post leaders embody the findings and develop their culture of supporting and enabling employees.

Together, these tools and insights help Australia Post create better experiences and unlock their  people’s potential.


The Framework supports Australia Post to create better employee experiences. Our research helped identify how Australia Post needs to be as leaders and employees. We determined what the ideal employee experience is and identified where to start, and how to make it real.

Employees are now more enabled to help customers and build communities. This is realised through creating environments that equip and support employees to be the best they can be; removing blockers and allowing them to perform.

The Framework sets out how to connect employees with Australia Post’s purpose and infuse an energy into their people. It’s about shifting mindsets, embracing new ways of working, and bringing excitement and passion to current and future Australia Post employees.

Our research helped Australia post enable their people to do amazing things, and create a workplace where people feel proud, inspired and happy: becoming a great place to work.