Design a new global organisation and strategy
Design a new global organisation and strategy

Design a new global organisation and strategy

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Huddle was engaged by ING Global to design the global digital infrastructure transformation to ensure ING remained competitive into the future.

“12 out of 10…” —Andrew Henderson, Global Infrastructure CIO


With customer expectations on the rise and the threat of new competitors in the Fintech industry, ING headquarters in the Netherlands engaged Huddle to help define and create a new approach and strategy to enable the bank from the “technical ground-up.”

This was the creation of a new, global enterprise startup who’s purpose is to accelerate the possible for the Bank by providing a range of pre-assured, standardised services to all 55 ING locations from world-class technical partners and networks, enabling the bank to continue keeping people a step ahead in life and business.

Our approach

In February 2015, Huddle was engaged to run a strategy session in the Netherlands to help the ING Infrastructure team form a new global organisation, with a clear purpose, intent and vision. This new organisation, Bank Infra would be the silent enabler providing the best standardised services enabling the bank to innovate at pace and move with agility in the landscape of the 21st Century.

Following the genesis of this new organisation, Huddle conducted a global ethnographic research study to gain a deep understanding of the needs and service expectations of internal ING customers.

This research was a pivotal point as it uncovered the type of organisation Bank Infra needed to be to best be in service to its customers.

Once we had understood what the Bank Infra customers needed of a technical service provider, we helped define the types of people, capabilities and ways of working needed to bring Bank Infra to life.

With the blueprints in place, Huddle helped to craft the story of Bank Infra to gain support, trust and credibility with the ING board to implement the rollout of this new organisation.


Following the success of gaining trust at the board level, Huddle began work on implementing human-centred service design projects for exisiting global infrastructure services to demonstrate and showcase the Bank Infra difference.

Huddle worked in partnership with ING’s Bank Infra to develop and support new ways of working and building human-centred leadership and design capabilities in the new organisation to continue to roll-out great, transformational services enabling the bank to stay a step a head.