Ep 51 – Co-creation, education and lessons in entrepreneurship: a talk with Dr Grainne Oates.

Publish Date
September 26, 2018
Season Four
Co-Creation Education
Show Notes
"What if I could use what currently distracts students to engage them?” Founder, entrepreneur and senior lecturer Dr Grainne Oates joins us to discuss insights on the journey of entrepreneurship and reflections on co-designing with users for her latest app, Quitch. Quitch is a mobile app designed to improve the student learning experience and outcomes. The app uses game elements and game design techniques which make learning really fun, and it’s mobile and accessible which means students can access course materials at a time of their choosing on their own device. This stemmed from Grainne seeing students time and time again not achieving the results she knows they can in her work as a lecturer. In the second part of this show we have a brand new mystery question, and we also chat about the importance of instinct, determination, what it means to have nerves of steel. Grainne shares insights around what she's been reading, watching and doing, which we're sure you'll enjoy too! Happy listening.

Season 4