Ep 50 - Co-designing inclusive communities challenged by urbanisation with Lucinda Hartley.

Publish Date
September 13, 2018
Season Four
Co-Creation Co-Design
Show Notes
In this episode, we discuss how Lucinda uses prototypes to test large scale community projects. We also dive deep to explore the flexibility in design required when you’re truly outcome-driven. Lucinda is an urbanist, social entrepreneur, co-founder of Co-design Studio and Neighbourlytics, and a TEDx speaker. Working on cross-cultural international projects and Australia-based initiatives, Lucinda has experience in inclusive and collaborative design. Using design to tackle complex and urgent issues like urbanisation, she also understands that community—the people she’s designing for—drive the best outputs. What does it really take to pioneer innovative methods to improve the social sustainability of our cities? Lucinda takes us through new community-led approaches to neighbourhood building based on human-centred design. Part 2 of the podcast we have one of our best mystery questions yet—let us know your answer!

Season 4