Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder Mapping

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How to use this tool

There are four dimensions to the stakeholder mapping tool:

OUT: Customers UP: Leaders ACROSS: Peers DOWN: Teams

There are also concentric circles which represent degree of influence on the outcomes.

Step 1 : Identify the key customers impacted by this initiative.

  • What segment of customers are impacted?
  • To what degree are they impacted?

Position the customer further out if the impact is low, and closer in if the impact is high. This helps identify who we need to focus our communications/change management on.

Step 2: Identify the Leaders in the organisation that can help influence or support the right outcome.

  • Who is sponsoring this initiative?
  • From whom are we taking advice?
  • Who can influence a better outcome?
  • Where do we need to get support?

Position the Leaders who influence or direct closely towards the centre. Position those you need to keep informed further out.

Step 3: Identify the Management/Peers across the organisation who you need to support the successful outcomes.

  • Who will you be working with on this initiative or initiative?
  • Who needs to support what you are doing for it to be successful?
  • Which group will be impacted by the change?

Position the peers further out if there is low level of dependency. Position the peers close in if there is a high level of co-dependence.

Step 4: Identify the impacted teams who will design, deliver the change or deal with customers as a result.

  • Which people are going to be doing the work?
  • Who is going to have to deal with the resulting change?
  • Who will be handling the customer as a result?

Position the teams with high involvement and impact close in.

Step 5: Plan your communication engagement approach.

Any people and groups in the inner circle need to be really closely communicated with throughout your initiative. Build your level of understanding on what are their values loyalties and losses. Based on this, work out how to influence to gain their support or how to tailor communication messages.

Getting the most out of this tool

When using the Stakeholder Mapping tool, it is important to be mindful that you are not just doing it to identify who your stakeholders are, but what their role in success is, and how to communicate and engage with them in meaningful ways.

You can use empathy maps on each of these groups/ people to help get insight into what will be important to them. You can even do an empathy map with them!

Once you have the groups and an empathic understanding, you can use the How Might We tool to work out your communication strategy. Eg “How might we communicate with Bob so that he feels engaged and is fully supportive of our initiative.”