We have some exciting news... John Burgin has joined Huddle!

We’re thrilled to announce John Burgin is joining Huddle as General Manager.

With his vast experience as a C-level executive and proven track record in growing and managing complex businesses, John will oversee our growth and operations to ensure stability of our business and quality of work with our clients. Awesome.

We’re excited to have John join the team because he not only brings that depth of experience, but a different perspective which will enrich and strengthen our business. We’re excited to learn about other possibilities, and how we can manifest other proven ways of working in the Huddle context of our open, human centred, and autonomous culture and ways of working.

And for you to get to know John, we did a little Q&A with him — find out where he thinks business should be focussing in 2018, his perspectives on HCD and his secret penchant for broadband geekery.

And come in to say hi!

Where do you hope to see business in this day and age going? 

For now, each and every business needs to focus on getting to know its customers better, eliciting insights from the masses of data available on what they truly want and thinking first about how to delight, not how to profit.  Designing future offerings from a human experience point of view and incorporating a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, software robotics and the Internet of Things is critical.    

What is the single most important thing you think leaders and business folk should be doing? 

Increasingly, we are seeing larger enterprise struggling to stay relevant.  The rate of change in major stock indices, for example, the S&P500, indicates that the average lifespan of larger companies is reducing drastically and has been in decline for several decades.  In this environment, the role of the leader is twofold: to ensure current market relevance and to build internal capability in core competencies that allow a company to sustain itself through introduction of successful new offerings.   There is a strong argument that the primary competence for every company to master is human centred design.  

What is the one thing that should be taught in schools that isn’t already? 

Everyone should be taught about the oldest profession in the world.  No, it's not what you think.  The oldest profession is actually "sales" and the very first sales process that everyone undertakes when they leave the womb is to let mum know that they are hungry.  Sales is unfortunately often tainted with the image of cold calling and mass marketing, but at its finest, sales is a well researched, thorough, thoughtful and personal experience that connects an interesting innovative product or service with a compelling need. 

Why do you think HCD is important in today's business landscape and world? 

We have seen so many examples where enterprise and government have designed sub-optimal experiences for their customers and constituents.  Mobile phone plans where the "cap" actually represents a cap on value and a floor on the customer's monthly cost; Pay TV offers that bundle in content that subscribers never watch; Health plans that insure for unwanted services.  In each of these cases and more, we have seen design based on a range of internal factors, including company financial outcomes, limitations of enterprise systems or supply chains.  This historical approach has created the perfect opportunity for those who think differently to disrupt current markets and create entirely new or beautiful experiences. By focusing on the human and thinking holistically, we see new winners emerging in every industry and endeavour. 

What attracted you to join Huddle?  

In a long career, I have been lucky to work with some of world's most significant multinationals, building teams to execute leading-edge hi-tech projects.  We focused on delivering outcomes for our clients whilst delivering strong profitable growth and looking after our people.  Operational discipline was paramount.  For me, Huddle represents something different, seeking first to engage the hearts and minds of our people whilst doing work that positively impacts humanity.  This is an exciting new challenge I’ve been looking for. 

What are your goals and resolutions for 2018? 

My first goal is to arrive at Huddle with my eyes, ears and heart open to the possibilities. Personally, I am excited to see how I can achieve a better work-life balance than I have in the past and spend a little time travelling and getting my golf game in better shape.  

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I remember very fondly the time spent thinking and researching about broadband networks during the late 1980s at Monash University.  If I could get some extra hours each day, I would spend the extra time reading, learning and researching.  It would be great to take a fundamental look at a really big world problem and perhaps even do another PhD.

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