Senior Design Director

Our purpose is to do meaningful work and positively affect humanity.

Huddle is looking for people who are up for a challenge and willing to get their hands dirty.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for a strategic and seasoned Design Director to co-lead Huddle in partnership with our Managing Director. 

The Senior Design Director will cultivate the creative culture at Huddle, guide high impact design work, and lead multiple teams of diverse designers with a variety of skill sets. This role is perfect for someone who is passionate about the strategic application of human-centred design (HCD), has deep empathy and design craft, is excited to be a leader to a growing team of top notch designers, and is eager to use design to solve for complex human and organisational contexts.

The Senior Design Director role at Huddle is an important one in shaping Huddlers, Huddle and manifesting meaningful and positively impactful work. This role requires a senior, seasoned person who is passionate about their craft and supporting others in their growth and pursuit of really great work that our clients and we are proud of. 

Our design directors are recognised and experienced in leading smart, diverse, creative teams of designers and strategists, and can seamlessly move between coaching, facilitating, and directing. This role is about the strategic application of human-centred design—this is not focused on branding or creative direction, even though these are useful capabilities.

We founded our culture on a principle of autonomy, which means we don’t like to be prescriptive about the role—we recruit people, not roles. We’ve been working recently on establishing accountabilities of these kinds of roles, so expectations of focus, outcomes and performance are understood.

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Do you live in Hong Kong, North America or Australia and have experience working as a strategic designer and find yourself thinking the people you work with are missing the bigger picture? Do you find yourself inspiring others to change and do good? Do people follow your lead? When you talk to them do they respond with "Oh I hadn't seen it from that person's perspective before - ok what shall we do?"

Do you have a passion for working with a focus on the human outcomes can hold that space within complex projects, have a high tolerance for working with ambiguity, can lead and shape human-centred, design-led projects?

We think you'd like to collaborate with the rest of our Huddlers to produce meaningful outcomes and positively impact on humanity. We’d love to talk with you.

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