Customer Experience - New Value Creation - Build Capability

Enabling capability within Telstra NBN Service to deliver on a new customer experience vision

Telstra used Huddle’s service prototyping techniques to enable the ideal National Broadband Network (NBN) customer experience.


The Challenge—How to engage and mobilise an organisation around a new Customer Experience 
Vision to design and deliver the right capability. This project was a natural extension of the NBN Customer Experience Vision that Huddle and Telstra had co-designed. It also provided the project team with an opportunity to demonstrate and promote a collaborative way of working throughout the organisation within an intensive time-frame. Huddle worked closely with Telstra to gather insights, new ideas, opportunities and organisational capabilities to enable the NBN customer experience vision.


The team used a number of design techniques such as developing customer personas and scenarios, prototyping and stakeholder brainstorming sessions to draw out this information.
Huddle then synthesised these findings into one consolidated service capability blueprint. Outcomes from stakeholder discussions and the consolidated findings acted as preparation for the service enactment day. The day brought together 50 people from across Australia to focus on what Telstra needs to do to deliver the ideal customer experience as the NBN is implemented across the nation. This enabled the service to be brought to life and prototyped through each stage of the service journey.


Enabling capability to embrace customer centred service innovation: The NBN team was delighted with the result and the momentum the day generated within the group, and the ongoing relevance to the broader organisation. Huddle’s approach provided participants with the opportunity to work together and deliver a successful outcome within a condensed time-frame. As they experienced the value of cross-collaboration a group wide ‘ah-ha’ moment resulted, which meant that the group now fundamentally understood things differently, and what was required for action.

“I’ve only got one question: can we make it mandatory that everyone in the team has to do this?”

Director, Telstra