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Collaboratively building a strategy for Service NSW 2016–2019

Huddle was engaged to assist Service NSW (New South Wales) in creating and communicating the Service NSW 2016–2019 Strategy. An approach to internal engagement was designed to enable the entire organisation to meaningfully contribute to the three year strategy.


Service NSW was established as a one-stop shop for all government transactions to enable ease and efficiency for the NSW community. This mission is underpinned by Service NSW’s determination to be known as an exceptional service provider for citizens, and therefore strives to put citizens at the heart of everything they do. Three years into the journey, Service NSW engaged Huddle to assist them in creating and communicating a strategy for the next three years. It was a pivotal time for the organisation as they transitioned from a “start-up” in government to a mature organisation. The executive leadership team at Service NSW sought collaboration with the entire Service NSW team to capture valuable input for the strategic planning process and a means of communicating the strategy clearly to all stakeholders. 


In April 2016, Huddle was engaged by Service NSW to design a strategy roadshow program. It was the intention of the executive leadership team that everyone at Service NSW in the front line, head office and leadership roles felt excited and engaged about the direction and roadmap for the organisation over the next three years. High level strategic outcomes had already been decided, yet the strategic planning process was still underway, so it was important that the views, ideas and experiences of employees be used to shape the priorities and details of the strategy.

Huddle conducted interviews and site visits across Service NSW to understand more about the culture of the organisation and how they communicate. From this initial research, we derived design principles that would guide the creation of intentional experiences in alignment with the organisation. Huddle developed a campaign for the roadshow with accompanying artefacts to generate excitement, promote engagement and invite participation from across Service NSW. 


A series of tools and training sessions were designed to equip the executive leadership team to lead and facilitate the discussions at all Service NSW locations. Tools were also created to capture the input and feedback from staff.

The Service NSW executive leadership team visited 57 service centres, two contact centres, one middle office and held 23 different sessions in Head Office where they heard first hand many enlightening stories and ideas. All of the input from these sessions were captured, analysed and synthesised by Huddle to determine thematic insights to inform the strategic planning process. With the conclusion of the strategic planning, Huddle helped to craft the story and communications plan of the Service NSW 2016–2019 Strategy to gain support, trust and credibility amongst employees, government agency partners and the department.