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Reinventing Bupa and shifting the focus to the future

Through Design, Lean Startup, Agile methodologies and building digital delivery capability Huddle enabled Bupa to disrupt its own business model to become and remain sustainable in an ever changing market.


Bupa Australia is the largest arm of an international health and care services company. The health insurance business in Australia provides Bupa’s largest source of income globally but they knew the growth of this market wasn’t sustainable. This understanding coupled with rising customer expectations, digital disruption and a lack of customer centricity meant it was time to change.
We partnered with Bupa to conceive the co-lab, a sustainable and cross-functional business design and digital delivery capability which would enable them to keep reinventing themselves and prototype new ways of working for the rest of the organisation. The objective was simple: think and operate differently, innovate with agility and keep the customer at the centre—always. 


We developed a purpose-led organisation which reconnected with their raison d’être ‘to solve global health problems by leveraging our global size’. Using a combination of Human-Centred Design, Lean Startup and Agile methodologies we worked on strategic and organisational design to create an entirely new operating model for the startup. 


Working closely with the Bupa co-lab team at every level, we also provided capability building in a top-down and bottom-up approach. Leadership and Human-centred Design coaching were partnered with the development and rollout of recruitment and on-boarding programs to seed conditions necessary for a resilient culture to flourish.

The team co-designed alongside Bupa colleagues to help develop their design model, working with them to develop a prototyping framework and taking ideas from customer needs all the way to production.