Does Design Thinking have to be reinvented or even replaced?

This is an expansive, anything-is-possible kind of Huddle Feed. We’re testing the rigour of Design Thinking, talking about going to Mars (seriously!) and what it means to believe in possibility. Check it out.


How using Design Thinking will fix Design Thinking

Design Thinking has been hyped and even fetishized, but there are also voices questioning its value, impact, and relevance. Does Design Thinking have to be reinvented or even replaced? Find out.


Anything is possible, if we believe

“It’s not until we start challenging some of the fundamental assumptions that set up how we live our lives, that we can actually unlock spaces of opportunity that would otherwise not be available to us.” Watch Melis Senova’s short talk!


Huddle show podcast pick: going to mars

We’re talking about going to Mars. Yep, Mars. Joined by Will Dayble (Founder of Fitzroy Academy) & Sarah McArthur (transdisciplinary designer), we talk about space travel, new societies, governance, ethics and what it has to do with you.


This Human available now

Designing services or products for other people? Passionate and determined to have a positive impact through your work? Melis wrote this book for you. It’s practical, tested and real. Get your copy now.


Designing for people: 3-day intensive Human-Centered Design program

Join us to get the strategies and tools to lead human-centricity in your team and organisation.

8, 9 & 22 August | Huddle Melbourne

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