Imposter syndrome & creativity, talking about Human-Centred Design to newbies + lots of events!

How do you talk to someone about HCD when they’ve not heard of it? Or are perhaps skeptical? 

What does ‘beauty’ mean when it comes to business and why does it matter to you? 

How do you move through creative blocks when you feel stuck?

We’ve got articles, podcasts and musings to help you through it + lots of HCD talks, panel discussions and workshops to build your HCD muscles. Read, listen and come join us.


A newbie's view on Human-Centred Design: Fresh perspectives

Our latest communication design intern Karina is pretty new to HCD. She shares her reflections on common misconceptions about HCD and 'aha' moments in discovering what it's all about. Fresh, honest and helpful for anyone who communicates HCD to folks who haven't heard about it before.


Beautiful Business

Business often privileges functional completeness over beautiful artistry. Beauty is not just about being aesthetically pleasing! It's about simplicity and elegance... Beauty stirs, motivates, unites, generates pride and creates memorable, impactful services.

“Designing for beauty allows for heartfelt connection and meaning. It creates the possibility of a real sense of purpose to emerge and take hold.” — Melis Senova


Huddle show podcast: Behind the scenes of creativity, writing & living your philosophies

Ever afraid to put your stuff out in to the world? Feel stuck with creative blocks? Feel like an imposter? Authors and founders Carolyn Tate (Slow School) and Melis Senova (Huddle) discuss the shadow of creating and how to put your stuff in to the world.


We have so many wonderful events from now until the end of the year!

From talks by some of our Huddlers to Human-Centred Design workshops, get involved in the events with us!

Visit our events page for more information.

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