The Benefit Mindset & being radically human in the workplace

You've heard of the Growth Mindset, but what is the Benefit Mindset? Find out in this Huddle Feed, along with insights into how to manage the ups and downs of business in a human-centered way, plus tips to improve your public speaking and Human-Centered Design skills.


What is the benefit of mindset?

Mindsets shape the lives and businesses we lead. They shape the world we live in. Discover the three key mindset archetypes, why they matter and how to more consciously choose your mindset.

“It is not primarily our physical selves that limit us but rather our mindset about our physical limits." - Ellen Langer


Human-centred organisations: the ups & downs

Business means cycles. Sometimes you’re up, other times down… How do you lead in a human-centred organisation when times are tough? Read Melis Senova’s article for her ideas.


Huddle show podcast pick: public speaking hacks

Do you dread speaking in front of crowds? Clare Dea (acting and creative entrepreneurs coach) shares tips to feel confident, compelling and magnetic as a public speaker and leader.


Designing for people: 3-day intensive Human-Centered Design program

Get the strategies and tools to lead human-centricity in your team and organisation. Join us for this practical Huddle Academy 3-day HCD program to learn to build empathy, gain insights, define focus, prototype effective solutions, learn to gain buy-in. 

11, 12 & 26 July | Huddle Melbourne

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